Iris Blauensteiner works as a filmmaker and author.


She is interested in the approach to constructions of human identities and subjective realities. With a poetic, social-realistic perspective, she is dedicated to the ambivalences of existential relationships, their atmospheres, and the interactions between digital and physical communication. The open dramaturgies contain ambiguous potential and allow for emotional turning moments. The “and” between her work as an author and filmmaker is seen as a bridge through which she creates connections between genres, media and fragments of social realities.


Iris Blauensteiner is making films since 2004, especially in the fields of writing and directing. Her films, the latest „The world is blue at its edges" (2021), „the_other_images“ (2018) and „Rest“ (2016) were screened at international festivals and exhibitions. Her debut novel „Kopfzecke" was published in 2016, the second crossdisciplinary novel „Atemhaut" was published in 2022 by Kremayr & Scheriau. Since 2010 shorter texts were published in anthologies and literature magazines. She studied ‚Art & Digital Media‘ at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Film- and theatretheory at the University of Vienna.


Awards and grants for film and literature (selection): Longlist Austrian Book Award 2022, Award at the filmscript-competition „If she can see it, she can be it“ by Drehbuchforum Vienna 2019, Award at Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade 2018, Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018, Artist-in-Residence ORF III & ARTE Creative 2017, Residency at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin 2017, Award “Best Austrian Newcomer” at Vienna Independent Shorts 2014.


She is a member of the “Golden Pixel Cooperative” - an association for moving images, art and media. She also provides dramaturgical advice and gives workshops, primarily on innovative narration in practice.


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