and one of them singing / Shortfilm (2011)


An essayfilm about the face of a marginalised filmcharacter.



Essayfilm / digital file / 7min / 2011

Concept, Text and Editing: Iris Blauensteiner / Voice: Petra Nickel / Translation (engl.): Magdalena Schrefel / Soundrecording: Christoph Mateka

Behind Marlene Dietrich as Lola in the film “The blue angel”, there are surplus figures - extras. Behind the heroine they become dramaturgical invisible. Their bodies just fill the image. The told characters and bodies stand in a strict hierarchy of attention, which renders some visible and some not. In “and one of them singing”, a voice speaks and describes the subjective gaze at one of these extras and shows the enlarged, grainy filmimage of her face - the face of a marginalised filmcharacter.


* NOMINATION: Nomination for “Hubert-Sielecki-Award for animation and experimental film" 2012        
* SCREENINGS: Academic Film Center Belgrade, october 23, 2019 / Kinolog - platform for theory und filmic praxis, program „Strangers“, Schikaneder-Cinema Vienna, June 18, 2014 / Hubert-Sielecki-Award for Animation- und Experimentalfilm, Künstlerhaus-Cinema Vienna, May 13, 2012 / Academy of fine Arts Vienna, curated program in the dissecting room, January 2012 / 8th Berlin Art-Salon, groupexhibition, 2011

* EXHIBITION: Solo-Exhibition „Sonjin septembar 2019: Iris Blauenštajner“, Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović, Čačak, september 3 - october 31, 2019
* TV: ”Oktoskop” OktoTV, October 19 and 26, 2014

* ONLINE: "Streaming Spectres" - Golden Pixel Cooperative Online Film Screening Platform, May 28 - June 3, 2020 / IsolationTV/Salzburg Art Association, May 28 - June 3, 2020
* PERFORMANCE: program „What a Drag!“ at brut-Künstlerhaus, Vienna, June 9 and 11, 2011
* PUBLICATION: In: Lichtungen. Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst und Zeitkritik. Nr. 130, Hrsg: Helwig Brunner, Werner Fenz, Markus Jaroschka, Georg Petz, Literaturkreis Lichtungen, June 2012