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Live radio show “Diagonal” on Ö1, May 25, 2024

The radio feature section is celebrating its birthday with a live broadcast from the large broadcasting hall in the RadioKulturhaus: “Future Now! 40 years of Diagonal”. The title "Diagonal" is programmatic: the feature leads through all areas of knowledge, topics, musical styles and creates innovative connecting lines. The topics of the performances, live music and discussions will be as obvious and diverse as those invited: AI and alternative truths, sustainability and nutrition, new artistic positions, applied human rights, dominant culture and disruptive processes.

Guests: Iris Blauensteiner (author, filmmaker), Dr. Klaus Speidel (curator, art historian), Dr. Renée Gadsden (art historian and curator), Leonie Schlager (musician), Zack Zack Zack (electronic duo), Bodo Hell (author and dairyman), Nada Chekh (journalist and Slavicist), Barbara Ungepflacht (artist), Andreas Diesenreiter (sustainability expert), Ingrid Greisenegger (publicist), Rui Aziz (musician), Hannah Horsten, Christl, Café Mondo (performance team "Sacrebleu"). Moderation: Peter Waldenberger and Ines Mitterer.

On May 25, 2024, 5.05pm / on Radio Ö1 and live at the RadioKulturhaus, Großer Sendesaal, Argentinierstrasse 30, 1040 Vienna

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Showcase of films by Iris Blauensteiner at Stadtkino at Künstlerhaus Vienna, May 7, 2024

“Iris Blauensteiner: What if I told you that the person standing in front of you is not me” takes place in the “Freies Kino” screening series at the Künstlerhaus Vienna. The five short films selected range from philosophical film essays to films shot on a computer screen to coming-of-age cinema. They explore society on a micro and macro level, especially female identities in existential relationships and their points of reference to the contemporary world. Blauensteiner examines the themes of loneliness, friendship, kinship and complicity outside the mainstream and free of kitsch. Her films get under the skin and often move to the painful edge, where reality seems to tip over into the surreal. Blauensteiner brings the audience into a real state of suspension with this skilful mixture.

Film program: Sweat (2014), The world is blue at its edges (2021), the_other_images (2018), and one of them singing (2011) and Doublage (2007), followed by a Q&A. Curated and organized by Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang.

On May 7, 2024, 8 pm / Stadtkino at Künstlerhaus, Akademiestraße 13, 1010 Vienna / Free entry

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Stream films online at Kino VoD Club, from April 2024

Sweat can now be streamed online in Austria. Likewise, the four films The world is blue at its edges, the_other_images, and one of them singing & Doublage have been compiled into a short film program!

Watch Sweat at "Kino VoD Club - Kino für zuhause" - VoD

Watch the short film program at "Kino VoD Club - Kino für zuhause" - VoD

Curation from the VoD program


the world is blue at its edges at Xinema Vancouver, March 3, 2024

Xinema, an artist-run film series, presents "notes on the colour blue", a series of international and local experimental films that recount experiences of grief, love, distance, and interiority associated or felt through blue hues. Blue: a wavelength hardly visible to the human eye, a reminder of the colours we are incapable of seeing, that surround us – but have been rendered invisible. This series considers blue, either as material expression or digital artifice, by its reflection on and within ourselves and our environments.

Screening: Blue (Derek Jarman), the world is blue at its edges (Iris Blauensteiner + Christine Moderbacher), Blue Haze: For Dis/appearance (Mar Mosavarzadeh), Blue Light Blue (Anna Hawkins), Out of the Blue - e xcerpt 9/11 (Holly Fisher), Handful of Dust (Hope Tucker)

On march 3, 2024, 7pm / at VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC Canada

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Workshop at Medienwerkstatt Vienna, December 6, 2023

Based on the text “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction“ (Ursula K. Le Guin), we will enter associative fields and research narrative structures. Using objects brought along and in exchange within the group, we work on formal and dramaturgical possibilities for the participants’ own artistic film, video, or moving image projects. We will experiment with ideas around the How of content and the Why of its connections. 

The workshop can take place in German and English. The event is part of the workshop series "Sharing Skills” by The Golden Pixel Cooperative.

"Associative Fields. Script and Dramaturgy" Workshop / on december 6, 2023, 2-6pm / at Medienwerkstatt Vienna, Neubaugasse 40A, 1070 Vienna / We kindly ask you to register by 30.11.2023 to:

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Workshop in the Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library, Vienna, November 7, 2023

As part of this year’s edition of “Texte. Prize for Young Literature” - an international platform for young people aged 14 to 19 who are interested in writing - literary workshops on various topics and literary forms take place. Organized by Christoph Braendle.

Literature-Workshop "Image.Sound.Text" with Iris Blauensteiner: On november 7, 2023, 3pm / Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library, Johannesgasse 6, 1010 Vienna

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Atemhaut author reading at Eferdinger Gastzimmer, October 6, 2023

Iris Blauensteiner (“Atemhaut”), Cornelia Hülmbauer („oft manchmal nie“) and Daniel Zipfel („Nichts als Papier“) read under the main theme of the evening: Society and Politics. The author reading series "dreimaldrei", created by Marianne Jungmaier and Karin Peschka, is entering its third year. After the readings and discussions, guests are invited to wine, bread and to the book table.

On October 6, 2023, 7.30 pm / Eferdinger Gastzimmer, Schmiedstraße 11, Eferding

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Panel discussion at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Vienna, October 5, 2023

The film screening and subsequent panel discussion will take place as part of the colloquium “inter, trans* non-binary, not specified… How can we change structural discrimination?” by the Coordination Office for Women’s Advancement I Gender Studies I Diversity at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. After the film “Feminism Wtf” (Katharina Mückstein), we will think together about how a reality can be created that is informed and sensitive to gender diversity. On a linguistic, factual and artistic level we would like to ask specifically: Where do we see spaces for action (play) in the academy's environment?

Panel with: Iris Blauensteiner (filmmaker), Persson P. Baumgartinger (contribution in the film), Mart Enzendorfer (Intersex platform), Sandra Konstatzky (equal treatment advocate), Moderation: Ingrid Schacherl.

On October 5, 2023, 7 pm / Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Akademiestraße 13, 1010 Vienna

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Sweat at VoD - Labocine. Cinema from the Science New Wave (US), August 1 - September 1, 2023

The Science New Wave community includes artists, filmmakers, journalists, researchers and hybrids of all types who have inspired us in their approaches to scientific storytelling. They have all proposed singular new visions in both their art and science. They take risks, cross boundaries and fuse genres, blending process and realism with subjectivity and commentary. They are also the key players in the ongoing evolution of the Science New Wave and will play a decisive role in highlighting the latest crop of bold science cinema. Sweat is displayed in this frame from August 1 - September 1 2023 online.

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"Literature and Experiment - Iris Blauensteiner", radio feature on Ö1, June 11 and 13, 2023

In the 40-minute radio show "Ö1 Tonspuren" you can hear a current portrait: Thoughts on artistic work and writing, a selection of text passages from the novels "Kopfzecke" and "Atemhaut" and insights into the process of my currently emerging experimental feature film "Ioanna and Leon". Matthias Haydn interviewed me, recorded the casting with Sonja Romei, Luka Vlatkovic and Lisa Oláh, and attended a dramaturgy session with Mona Schwitzer. Rojin Sharafi's music accompanies the show.

Tonspuren Ö1 / Program editor: Matthias Haydn, Spoken by: Eva Mayer and Rafael Schuchter, Sound engineer: Friedolin Stolz, Editor: Elisabeth Stratka.

Radio Ö1, June 11, 2023, 8.15 pm and June 13, 2023, 4.05 pm

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Kopfzecke and The world is blue at its edges at Belvedere 21, Vienna, June 11, 2023

The program - screening and author-reading "Glimpses from an unknown future" - in the context of the exhibition "On the New" brings together works that offer a changed perspective on parenthood and childhood and invert the paradigm of care. They visualize a world in which parents are replaced by Doppelgaengers and where bittersweet symphonies accompany small and large dramas about childish parents and responsible children.

Filmprogram: “The world is blue at its edges” by Iris Blauensteiner and Christine Moderbacher, “Doppelgänger” by Michaela Taschenk and “Topfpalmen” by Rosa Friedrich.

This will be followed by a Q&A with the artists and a reading from the novel “Kopfzecke” by Iris Blauensteiner. Curated by Laura Ettel.

Matinée on june 11, 2023, 11.30 am / in the Blickle cinema in Belvedere 21, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Vienna

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Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, May 24, 2023

In the workshop "I wonder about the images I see. Narrative paths through videofootage" Iris Blauensteiner introduces her artistic and practical approach to narration along the process of making the film "The world is blue at its edges" (essay film, 15min, 2021, in collaboration with Christine Moderbacher). She is interested in the visible in relation to narrative gaps and ellipses that carry the potential of the imaginary. This workshop aims to discuss how dramaturgical concepts, structures and narrative models can be used as support or orientation to extract and clarify a story. Likewise, they can help to undermine, subvert or irritate narrative conventions and to experiment with organizing principles. Script writing and editing can be understood as a search for traces, as an invitation to “listen” to the material itself and thus to decide within the countless possibilities of producing narrative meaning.

On may 24, 2023 / Institute Art and Digital Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Lehárgasse 8, 1060 Vienna

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the_other_images at c/o careof Archive, Milan, May 10, 2023

The program „Desktop Cinema“, curated by Miriam De Rosa offers an insight into what has established itself as a new audiovisual and artistic genre. With different declinations and renderings for the screen, the works of Iris Blauensteiner, Chloé Galibet-Laîné, Basim Magdy, Corinne Mazzoli, Laure Prouvost, Suneil Sanzgiri and Matteo Stocco are all united by the familiar surface of the screen. The artists gathered in this project aestheticize the desktop and its interfaces, making them a place and at the same time an object of display, initiating an artistic reflection on exhibition, performativity, unveiling, spontaneity and artifice. 

On may 10, 2023, 7pm / c/o careof, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini, 4, 20154 Milano

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Panel discussion »The freedom to see the end of illusions«, Literaturhaus Vienna, April 14, 2023

In three thematically linked events, Erich Fried's lecture at the First Austrian Writers' Congress in 1981 - inspired by Austria's appearance as a priority country at the Leipzig Book Fair - will be taken as the starting point for exploring the dazzling concept of freedom of writing or the freedom of writers in the light of contemporary conditions and issues to illuminate.

Eva Schörkhuber and Elena Messner in a panel discussion with Andrea Grill, Jana Volkmann, Didi Drobna, Iris Blauensteiner, Ilse Kilic, Petra Nagenkögel and Precious Chiebonam Nnebedum.

On April 14, 2023 / Network meeting from 3 p.m., Panel discussion 1 at 6 p.m., Panel discussion 2 at 8 p.m. / Literaturhaus Wien, Seidengasse 13, 1070 Vienna


the_other_images - Screening and Talk at Aix Marseille Université, April 6, 2023

The event „Extimity on Screen. From Shameless Cinema to Desktop Film" at Laboratoire d’Études en Sciences des Arts at Aix Marseille Université addresses the role of cinema and new media in relation to the ambivalent concepts of intimacy, modesty, immodesty, secrecy and publicity. The program brings together films that explore the space of the screen as a place of intimacy and personal memory, while also being a space for self-expression.

Films and videos by Iris Blauensteiner, Chloé Galibert-Laîné, Corinne Mazzoli, Basim Magdy, Laure Prouvost, Firat Yücel / Online talk with Iris Blauensteiner, Noémie Christen, Jean-Michel Durafour, Nicolas Feodoroff, Léna Nazarian, Caroline Renard / Curated and Organized by Miriam De Rosa and Marie Rebecchi.

On April 6, 2023 / Screening 8.30pm /  Bâtiment Turbulence, Salle de projection, Département Arts Site Saint-Charles 3, place Victor Hugo 13331, Marseille Cedex 03.

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The world is blue at its edges at Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF), February 28, 2023

The program „BEEF presents: a body is a body is a body“ focuses on the central role of the body and its mediation in experimental/feminist Austrian film. In itself a travel in time - bringing together films from early 1970s to 2021 - it highlights not only how women have radically investigated what it means to live in and with a female body but more so how action can reposition the gaze and with it the suture between object and subject. As feminism has evolved since the 1970 so has the engagement with gender identity and the perception of the body and with it the quest for a non objectifying dialogue as part of gender politics. 

The programme includes work by Mara Mattuschka, Valie Export, Maria Lassnig, Iris Blauensteiner and Christina Moderbacher, Katrina Daschner and Linda Christanell. Curated by Claudia Pilsl.

BEEF presents: ‘a body is a body is a body’ / On 28 february,  20238, pm / Cube Cinema, Dove St, Avon, Bristol BS2 8JD

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The world is blue at its edges at Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh, January 14 - 22, 2023

The general theme of the festival is Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society. The Festival has been organized on a regular basis by Rainbow Film Society as one of the most active film entities in the film society movement of Bangladesh since 1977. 

The world is blue at its edges will be screened in the „Women Filmmakers Section“ Competition Program.

On January 14, 2023 / The screening will be held at the Alliance Francaise de Dhaka, Star Cineplex, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and Bangladesh National Museum Auditorium.

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„Zuckerkönigin“ in the literary magazine Litrobona, December 2022

"gustiÖs" is the title of the third issue of the literary magazine Litrobona! Prose, poetry and comics revolve around the topic of food, as does my text "Zuckerkönigin". Incl. QR code link to audio versions of the texts!

Litrobona. Magazine for literature, issue no. 3: gustiÖs, Eds. Barbara Seidl and Katharina Lanzinger, Litrobona. Platform for literature in and from Austria, 2022/23

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The world is blue at its edges at Alternative Film/Video Festival Belgrade, December 8, 2022

Alternative Film/Video Festival is an international festival established in 1982. As a meeting place for artists, theorists, critics and audiences, the festival’s goal is to record and theoretically define movements, promote constructive values and support new creative possibilities in visual media.

The world is blue at its edges will be screened at competition program 2 / on december 8, 2022, 8pm / Main Theatre, Student's City Cultural Center, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 179, 11070 Belgrade

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The World is blue at its edges at Ethnographic Film Day - Radical Reflexivity, Amsterdam, December 1, 2022

As an initiative of the Free University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, the Ethnographic Film Day runs under the topic of "Radical Reflexivity." We will delve into radical reflexivity as a tool to explore the potentials and limitations of ethnographic representation through film. 

On december 1, 2022, 1pm-6pm / Rialto VU bioscoop - Art house cinema, 1111 De Boelelaan, 1081 HV Amsterdam 

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The World is blue at its edges at Ethnofest – International Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, November 26, 2022

The Ethnofest – International Ethnographic Film Festival showcases documentaries from around the world. In this year’s event, Ethnofest embraces the number “13” including its cultural connotations. By aknowledging the fact that we are living through ominous times,  the acceptance of the current historical moment is a kind of resistance and simultaneously a desire for essential social changes that are directly linked to the access to information, the acceptance of diversity and the practice of our ability to recognize the multiplicity in the ways of interpreting it reality. Documentary films can become the mirror of human experience  and thus highlighting multiple realities and can be a valuable tool for knowledge production and the practice of understanding & acceptance.

The World is blue at its edges is part of the Panorama section / Onsite november 26, 2022, 22.30pm / Astor Cinema, Stadiou 28, Athens 105 64 / Online Screening (througout Greece), november 28 - december 4, 2022


The world is blue at its edges at Porto Post Doc - Film & Media Festival, Porto, November 26, 2022

In this experimental, documentary and essayistic short film program, methods and ways of creating reality are examined - bringing together collective memories, spaces of intimacy and perceptive games. Reframing images from scientific archives as well as from popular, anonymous and amateur films, the authors outline a path that reformulates the dynamics between film as a manifesto and the festivaltopic „Framing Reality“.

In the programm „Poetry in Motion“ at Porto Post Doc - Film & Media Festival.

On november 26, 2022, 11pm / Passos Manuel, Rua Passos Manuel 137, 4000-385, Porto, Portugal

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Literary text contribution in the photo book "Feel the Body", November 17, 2022

Photo artist Judith Stehlik portrays contemporary artists of all genres and generations by inviting them to engage with iconic portrait images from the history of photography. Judith Stehlik explores questions of specifically female portraits: in addition to formal characteristics, she gives the protagonists space to perceive their own bodies by exploring and adopting a historical pose. By assuming a defined pose and a characteristic gaze, free spaces for self-presentation open up, in which the individual expressiveness of the characters unfolds. Judith Stehlik's book "Feel the body. The Historical Pose - A Look at Contemporary Female Artists" (ed. Rainer Iglar and Michael Mauracher. Fotohof edition, vol./vol. 342, Salzburg, 2022) contains 50 photo portraits and 8 literary positions by Iris Blauensteiner, Verena Dürr , Marjana Gaponenko, Lydia Haider, Anja Manfredi, Ines Rössl, Clemens J. Setz, Barbara Zeman & a foreword by Maren Lübbke-Tidow.

The publication presentation will take place on November 17, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Vienna.

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Atemhaut was awarded a book prize by the City of Vienna!

The six book prizes of the City of Vienna are awarded annually. The books were selected by a specialist jury.

Jury statement: In her novel "Atemhaut" the writer and filmmaker Iris Blauensteiner takes a look at the current world of work and makes the loss of work and dignity the subject. A logistics center serves as a model for society: goods become rubbish. The distance to the self that arises in such a world is conveyed by the author in a consistently maintained narrative perspective.

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and one of them singing at Echoraum Vienna, October 25, 2022

The event series "XX Y X" presents the short film program "Voices - in moving images & sound" with these films: Iris Blauensteiner — and one of them singing (A, 2011), Sabine Marte — Farewell to Hell (A, 2014), Ana Hoffner — After the Transformation (A, 2013) and Michaela Schwentner — des souvenirs vagues (A, 2009 ). DJ Set by School. Curated by Michaela Schwentner.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 8 pm / Echoraum, Sechshauser Straße 66, A-1150 Vienna

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Atemhaut author-reading at Villa Müller Literature Salon, Feldkirch, October 15, 2022

Literatursalon Müller starts from october 13-15. On three evenings, multiple award-winning authors will be guests in the villa: Christian Futscher, Hamed Abboud, Martin Peichl, Barbi Markovic, Magdalena Schrefel and Iris Blauensteiner. Curated by Florian Gantner.

On Saturday, two authors read from their brand new books, which revolve around the topic of the new world of work: In "Atemhaut" by Iris Blauensteiner, the unemployed protagonist loses himself in computer games. What do sex workers do when they face a silicone co-worker? This is one of the questions dealt with in Magdalena Schrefel's stories "Brauchbare Menschen". Additional program: the readers' favorite drinks, flying dinner & music.

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, 7 p.m. / Villa Müller, Weinberggasse 10, 6800 Feldkirch

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The world is blue at its edges at Reaktor International Film Festival, Vienna, October 6, 2022

At Reaktor International Film Festival, the audience can once again look forward to a wide range of short and feature films with cinematic and artistic quality and originality: from analytical sobriety, horrifying abyss, heartbreaking beauty and exuberant comedy.

"The world is blue at its edges" is in program with films by Yuri Muraoka, Gabriel Gonzalez Acosta, Dila Kirmizitoprak and Anna Mutschlechner-Dean.

On October 6, 2022, 7 p.m. / Reaktor, Geblergasse 40, 1170 Vienna

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Atemhaut on the Longlist for the Austrian Book Award 2022!

The nominated titles for the Austrian Book Award have been chosen: ten books were selected for the longlist and three titles for the shortlist of the debut prize. Helena Adler – Fretten (Jung und Jung Verlag), Iris Blauensteiner – Atemhaut (Verlag Kremayr & Scheriau), Markus Grundtner – Die Dringlichkeit der Dinge (Edition Keiper), Monika Helfer – Bettgeschichten und andere (bahoe books), Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker – Wilderer (S. Fischer Verlag), Anna Kim – Geschichte eines Kindes (Suhrkamp Verlag), Robert Menasse – Die Erweiterung (Suhrkamp Verlag), Teresa Präauer – Mädchen (Wallstein Verlag), Verena Rossbacher – Mon Chéri und unsere demolierten Seelen (Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch), Thomas Stangl – Quecksilberlicht (Verlag Matthes und Seitz Berlin). 

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Doublage in the artcollection of the State Collections of Lower Austria, from September 2022

The “Art after 1960” collection area of the Lower Austrian State Collections includes painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, photography, time-based media as well as installation and textile art. The general effort is to document the work of artists using high-quality works from different periods in order to make the development of the respective oeuvre, but also art phenomena typical of the time, understandable in a national and international context. It is also important to continue to pursue existing thematic, stylistic or media-specific focal points of the collection.

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The world is blue at its edges at Braziers International Film Festival (UK), September 2, 2022

The Braziers International Film Festival offers three days of a diverse film program of documentaries, animations, feature films, expanded cinema and videos by contemporary artists.  Audiences are invited to the large, historic 17th-century barn next to the main Gothic building, which were rebuilt and are used for public events.

The film program "Collective Memories" includes: Correspondence (Carla Simón, Dominga Sotomayor, Spain), Drifts (Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Spain), In the Future (Kelly Gallagher, USA), The World is blue at its edges (Iris Blauensteiner, Christine Moderbacher, Austria).

On september 2, 2022, 5pm / Braziers Park, Ipsden, Wallingford OX10 6AN, United Kingdom

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Atemhaut author-reading at Kultursommer Wien, July 28, 2022

Literature mix: Gustav Ernst reads scenes from the beautiful life of lovers - from "Beste Beziehungen". In "Atemhaut" Iris Blauensteiner addresses the replacement of humans by technological progress. Marlene Gölz goes into the field of the tension between city and countryside with "Nachrichten aus der Provinz". Definitely one of the most beautiful venues of the cultural summer in Vienna, the stage in the Mühlschüttelpark is in an idyllic location right on the banks of the Old Danube.

On july 28, 2022, 6.30pm / Stage in Mühlschüttel Park, 1210 Vienna


The world is blue at its edges at Faito Doc Festival, Naples, July 23, 2022 

The fifteenth festival edition under the theme of „Evasion“ is pertinent to the times we are going through: the desire to escape from one’s destiny, to move away to reflect and make a new start - to live other lives with cinema. As a Special Event „The world is blue at its edges“ will be screened at the festival.  

On july 23, 2022, 6pm / Casa del Cinema, Monte Faito, Strada alta 65, Monte Faito – Vico Equense, 80069 Napoli, Italy


Atemhaut author-reading at Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich, June 26, 2022

Kulturhaus Helferei invites you to an "afternoon rendezvous", a cozy Sunday with coffee and cake, games, music and later for dinner. The writer Iris Blauensteiner is a guest and reads from her novel "Atemhaut".

The rendezvous was an established event in the 90s at Kulturhaus Helferei. The neighborhood of the old town came together for an afternoon. We are reviving the format and opening our doors to everyone.

On June 26, 2022, from 4 p.m. / Kulturhaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13 8001 Zurich

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Atemhaut author-reading at index Freiraum, Zurich, June 25, 2022

On the occasion of the index Freiraum short-term residency, the Austrian writer Iris Blauensteiner presents her new novel "Atemhaut" in a reading with sound. Moderator: Michael Kuratli.

On June 25, 2022, 7.30 p.m. / Das Institut guest at deck13, Universitätstrasse 13, 8006, Zurich / As places are limited, please register using the following link:

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The world is blue at its edges at Biennial of Art Pančevo (Serbia), june 24, 2022

The 20th Biennial of Art in Pančevo “refinerymonastery” is thematically inspired by a local hybrid phenomenon that reflects the iconic and seemingly contrasting, horizontal and immediate coexistence of the Oil Refinery and the Vojlovica Monastery, and whose interdependence can be symbiotic or conflicting, depending on the point of view. If it is not possible to deviate from both dogmatism and hypercapitalism, then an artistic proposal is possible in the sense of creating a temporary difference. Curated by Maja Ćirić.

The Golden Pixel Cooperative shows new films by Iris Blauensteiner & Christine Moderbacher, Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Marlies Pöschl, Katharina Swoboda, Simona Obholzer, Lisa Truttmann.

On june 24, 2022, 8pm / Kulturni Centar Pančeva, Vojvode Živojina Mišiča 4, Pančevo, Serbia

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The world is blue at its edges at Kunst:Werk gallery in St. Pölten, June 2 - July 2, 2022

In this year's festival weeks exhibition, the pair of opposites "inside | outside” are going to be discussed.

Participating artists: Eva Bakalar, Hermann F. Fischl, Marcus Hufnagl, Alois Junek, Elisabeth Kallinger, Hermine Karigl-Wagenhofer, Ernest A. Kienzl, Herbert Kraus, Gert Linke, Christine Moderbacher, Iris Blauensteiner, Flora and Martin Szurcsik-Nimmervoll , Linda Partaj, Egon Straszer, curator: Ernest Kienzl.

From june 2 - july 2 2022, Wed.-Fri. 4-6.30pm, Sat., 10am-12.30pm / at Kunst:Werk, Linzerstraße 16 (Löwenhof), 3100 St. Pölten / Opening: June 2, 2022, 6.30pm



The world is blue at its edges at Vienna Shorts, may 28, 2022

These five films of the program "A World unhinged" offer five startlingly different ways of engaging with and depicting the world, showcasing a wide stylistic range of creative approaches that matches the huge geographical distance.

The collaboration "The world is blue at its edges" by Christine Moderbacher and Iris Blauensteiner is a touching meditation on motherhood and the state of the planet. Combining found footage and material shot during lockdown, it takes the form of a letter written to a parent’s unborn child. What does it mean to bring a new human into a problematic world where one crisis seems to follow another with grim inevitability? (Neil Young)

Vienna Shorts - International Short Film Festival / in program "A World unhinged", Austrian Competition 3 / May 28, 2022, 6p.m. / Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Akademiestr. 13, 1010 Vienna

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The world is blue at its edges at Ethnocineca - International Documentary Film Festival Vienna, may 13, 2022

This year’s festival theme "Entangled Realities" refers to the inseparability of global interconnections, historically grown relationships, and individual biographies. "The world is blue at its edges" will be shown in program together with "Letters2Maybe" by Yehuda Sharim.

On may 13, 2022, 7 p.m. / Votiv Kino, Währinger Str. 12, 1090 Vienna

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Atemhaut live radio interview on Deutschlandfunk, may 3, 2022

I'm looking forward to the radio interview about "Atemhaut" on Deutschlandfunk Kultur in the program "Lesart"! Live on May 3, 2022 at 10:05 a.m.!

"Atemhaut - A novel with its own soundtrack". You can listen to the radio interview here:

Interview on Deutschlandfunk


The world is blue at its egdes at Femina – International Women´s Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro, may 2-9, 2022

Femina – International Women´s Film Festival is a festival for works directed by women. Besides showing the work of Brazilian women filmmakers, it brings to Brazil the international production. It is the first event of its kind in Brazil and Latin America. This edition of the festival will take place exclusively online in a streaming platform, available only in Brazil. „The world is blue at its edges“ is part of the International Competition Program.

From may 2-9, 2022 / Online, available in Brazil


The world is blue at its edges at Lichter Art Award, Frankfurt, april 22 - May 15, 2022

The Lichter Art Award is a platform for contemporary video art. As part of the Lichter Film Festival Frankfurt International, which takes place from may 10-15, 2022, the five film and video works nominated for the award will be exhibited at Basis e.V.

With works by Iris Blauensteiner & Christine Moderbacher, Alice Brygo, Catherina Cramer & Giulietta Ockenfuss, Stéphanie Roland and Melanie Jame Wolf. Curated by Saul Judd.

From april 22 to may 15, 2022 / basis e.V., Gutleutstraße 8 –12, 60329, Frankfurt am Main / Opening: April 21, 2022, 7 p.m / Online Artist Talk: May 9, 2022, 7p.m

Lichter Art Award

Basis e.V.


Atemhaut author-reading at Literaturhaus Salzburg, april 21, 2022

Iris Blauensteiner and Mareike Fallwickl present their new novels.

„Die Wut, die bleibt“ (Rowohlt Verlag, 2022) by Mareike Fallwickl is a stirring novel about the burden that is thrown on women - and the rebellion against it.

What is a person worth if their labour is no longer needed? With her novel „Atemhaut" (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2022), Iris Blauensteiner has succeeded in creating a poetic portrait of a young man who has to redefine his identity.

Moderators: Lily Dittlbacher and Anton Thuswaldner.

On april 21, 2022, 7.30 p.m. / Literaturhaus Salzburg, Strubergasse 23/H.C. Artmann-Platz, 5020 Salzburg

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Atemhaut author-reading at Mondmeer & Marguérite, Vienna, april 14, 2022

The 8th edition of "Mondmeer & Marguérite" author-reading series focuses on sound with "Atemhaut", "Connect" and "azur ton nähe". It's about listening, hearing and the breathing of the skin.

Reading authors: Iris Blauensteiner, Thea Mengeler and Siljarosa Schletterer.

On April 14th, 7pm / LOT, Absberggasse 31, 1100 Vienna

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the_other_images at the Teatro Ca' Foscari, Venice, april 13, 2022

The program "Experiments in Desktop Cinema" brings together films from the desktop cinema genre, whose aesthetics experiment with elements from digital screens such as windows, interface software and gestures.

The program is curated by Miriam de Rosa (Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari Venezia) and includes films by Iris Blauensteiner, Suneil Sanzgiri, Basim Magdy and Ben Belit Bitly.

Afterwards an online roundtable discussion will take place.

On april 13, 2022, 8pm / Teatro Ca' Foscari, Dorsoduro 2137, 30123 Venice


Atemhaut author-reading at Famulus, Vienna, april 12, 2022

The readings of the reading series "Famulus" are this time under the motto "Jukebox".

Reading authors: Lena-Marie Biertimpel, Iris Blauensteiner and Marianne Jungmaier. Moderation: Laura Nußbaumer.

On April 12, 2022, 7 p.m. / Kaffeebar Quentin, Kaiserstraße 96, 1070 Vienna

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The world is blue at its edges at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film, april 5-10, 2022

"The narrator addresses her unborn child during the Corona lockdown. But how can you imagine a life-affirming future when the images of history and the present are so cold, dreary, and oppressive? A dystopic pixel stream of consciousness and somewhere in all the darkness is a spark of hope that we might still get off lightly." (Michelle Koch, Diagonale Catalogue 22)

The program is followed by a Q&A.

Innovative Cinema, Program 3 / On april 7, 2022, 11a.m, Schubertkino, Graz  / april 9, 2022, 2.30p.m, Schubertkino 2, Graz

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Atemhaut - literature/sound performance at echoraum Vienna, april 5, 2022

The series "XX Y X" is dedicated to works and performances by composers of contemporary music, performances and collaborations with visual artists and musicians. "XX Y X" is a monthly series curated by Michaela Schwentner that takes place at various locations. "XX Y X" with Anna Lerchbaumer: Sonic Shrine (installation) and with Rojin Sharafi & Iris Blauensteiner: ATEMHAUT (literature/sound performance).

On April 5, 2022, 8 p.m. / echoraum, Sechshauser Straße 66, A-1150 Vienna

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The world is blue at its edges distributed by CFMDC, Toronto, form april 2022

"The world is blue at its edges" is now distributed by CFMDC - Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center.

CFMDC: "We specialize in independent, artist-made work on film and video, including works from historically underrepresented communities. CFMDC advocates for a holistic understanding of production, distribution and exhibition that prioritizes artist rights, accessibility and the creation of new audiences through education and critical thinking. "

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the_other_images distributed by CFMDC, Toronto, form april 2022

"the_other_images" is now distributed by CFMDC - Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center.

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The world is blue at its edges at Vilnius International Film Festival, march 24 - april 3, 2022 

"The world is blue at is edges" will be screened in the International Short Film Competition Program and celebrates its Lithuanian premiere.

Vilnius International Film Festival Kino pavasaris / april 2, 2022, 11.40a.m / Vilnius, Forum Cinemas Vingis, S11

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Atemhaut - New Novel, from march 14, 2022

What is a person worth when machines do their job? Shortly before the turn of the millennium, Edin is unexpectedly fired and a multi-sensory trip through imaginary worlds begins. Will he find himself in the here and now?

"With her second novel ATEMHAUT, for which the sound artist Rojin Sharafi composed the soundtrack, Iris Blauensteiner has created a sensitive and deeply poetic portrait of a young man who has to redefine his identity in a world full of automation processes. What is he still worth as a person when his efforts are no longer needed?"

Roman von Iris Blauensteiner with a soundtrack by Rojin Sharafi, QR codes in the book! Publisher: Kremayr & Scheriau.

Author readings with sound performance possible!

Atemhaut published by Kremayr & Scheriau


Atemhaut - Book premiere, literature/sound performance at the Literaturhaus Vienna, March 11, 2022

You are invited to the book premiere of Atemhaut - a novel by Iris Blauensteiner with a soundtrack by Rojin Sharafi! Barbara Zwiefelhofer moderates the evening in the Literaturhaus.

On Friday, March 11, 2022, 7 p.m. / Literaturhaus Wien, Seidengasse 13, 1070 Vienna / 2-G rule (vaccinated, recovered) & FFP2 mask requirement / Registration at

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The world is blue at its edges is „Clermont Ferrand - Short Film Market Pick“, January 28 - February 5, 2022

"The world is blue at its edges" has been labeled “Short Film Market Picks” at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. The selection committees of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival have decided this year to highlight the films they particularly appreciated. These works will appear under the label "Short Film Market Picks“. The Short Film Market is organized by the association Sauve qui peut le court métrage in the aim of facilitating economic activity and encouraging professional interaction in the short film sector. 

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The world is blue at its edges at This Human World - International Human Rights Film Festival, december 9, 2021

Since the current lockdown has now moved the events to the Internet again, we (Christine Moderbacher & Iris Blauensteiner) can invite you to the premiere of “The world is blue at its edges” online! A perfectly fitting framework for our film, which was edited during lockdowns and has them as its subject, among other things.

"Concerned with inner and outer borders - the Wall, the Iron Curtain, police states, migration, fear - a mother-to-be asks herself and her child if those borders will remain in them even after they have long disappeared." 

In the short film program "expanded shorts - topologies of time" / from december 9-11, 2021, 6 p.m. across Austria in the Festival Online Hub.


Strom - Performance at Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, november 18, 2021

In the collaboratively developed performance setting Strom, Iris Blauensteiner and Rojin Sharafi research a dynamic interplay of human and technical actors. Based on the narration of an evolving literary text, voice is combined, connected and recoded with electronic music, textures and programmed sound components. In a choreography of text, movement, stillness and minimal gestures, the performers interact via sound. Interdisciplinary interlaced, reciprocal technical-human-physical-abstract-narrative processes emerge. A force field spans between the abstract sound and its embodiment. Viewers are invited to be part of the uncanny utopian atmosphere of the live performance Strom in the physical exhibition space.

The performance will take place as part of the exhibition "Wake Words" by and with The Golden Pixel Cooperative and within Vienna Art Week.

On november 18, 2021, 7pm / at Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna / Please register at anmeldung[at], subject line "Blauensteiner & Sharafi" / 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered).

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“Multiverse”, online author reading at Goethe-Institut India, september 26, 2021

Welcome to Multiverse – a cross cultural reading of poems in different languages. Join us to celebrate multilingual poetry, listen to the sheer sound of poetry in various languages to enhance the poetic experience. Listen to the original poems and some translations. During this programme we will converse with the poets about poetry as a different mode of seeing and thinking, explore the unique elements of contemporary poetry and delve into challenges of poetry translation.

Six poets from India and Europe reading and discussing their poems: André Velter (France), Christian Filips (Germany), Iris Blauensteiner (Austria), Rui Cóias (Portugal), Subhro Bandopadhyaya (India), Sabika Abbas Naqvi (India) - Moderation: Jayashree Joshi, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai.

On september 26, 2021, 14:00 hrs IST (10.30h MEZ)

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Rest at Oktoskop on OktoTV, september 26, 2021

It takes the filmmaker's specific gaze to recognize the parallels between a campsite and a motorway service station. With her film "Rest", Iris Blauensteiner manages wonderfully to direct our gaze to the many small stages that are being set up in both places in a steady and unspectacular manner. The director talks to Lukas Maurer about how the idea came up, what challenges she faced in contact with her very different protagonists, what she has learned about the relationship between mobility and immobility, under what circumstances the noise of motorways becomes a dramaturgically valuable sound and why she didn't get enough sleep during the shoot.

Oktoskop on OktoTV / september 26, 2021, 8:15 pm

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Sweat at Metro Kinokulturhaus / Filmarchiv Austria, Vienna, september 16 & october 18, 2021

As part of the retrospective “New Beginnings. Feature film debuts by Austrian women directors 1999-2021”, the Short Film Program brings together three short films: “Sweat” shows the summer holidays of Marion and Elisa, two friends. The boring village life doesn't have much to offer to them. Out of frustration, they let their anger run free - and in this way they get to know themselves anew. The young actors in “Unmensch” also know that youth sucks. Demand and reality do not want to find each other, emotions do not really set in. A loaded gun should turn things around ... New apartment, new job, new life - and yet, after shedding his "old" skin, transgender "Mathias" doesn't quite find his way in his new role - especially as one of his colleagues believes to recognize him.

Short film program 1: Aufbrechen - with the films “Sweat” (D: Iris Blauensteiner), “Unmensch” (D: Jasmin Baumgartner) and “Mathias” (D: Clara Stern).

On September 16, 2021, 8.45pm Metro Kinokulturhaus, Eric-Pleskow-Saal & on October 18, 2021, 8.45pm, Metro Kinokulturhaus, Historical hall, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna


Rest is #sommerfreifilm at Kino VOD Club, august 18-25, 2021

Rest was voted #summerfreefilm and is available to watch free of charge from august 18-25, 2021 on the streaming platform Cinema VOD Club!

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Rest at Bijenale Mladih - Youth Biennal Belgrade, july 29 - september 5, 2021

The Youth Biennal is an international exhibition of contemporary art from over 120 young artists under the age of 35, that is organized in cooperation with Art Council of ULUS at several locations in Belgrade (Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, ULUS Gallery, Student City Cultural Center, Roman Well, Military Bunker, Big Gunpowder Warehouse - Barutana, Amam - Planetarium, Clock Tower, Nebojsa Tower, KC Footnote, KC Magacin and in public spaces in the city). 

"Language in common" - the topic of the Biennal is the result of synergies of all involved in this project. The exhibition communicates through the common signifier "we", doesn’t speak in the name of one singularity, but establishes a body that speaks a common language. This language is a constellation of symbols, hashtags, neologisms, emojis. At the same time it is also the communication system of the emerging revolutionary collective. It is a meeting place of a new generation that communicates in a different way, encrypted for previous generations through new rules, new challenges, new tendencies.

Curatorial team: Senka Latinović, Teodora Jeremić and Jovana Trifuljesko.

„Rest“ can be seen at Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilions at the exhibition „New Constellations: I’ll stop the world and melt with you“ / Tadeuša Košćuška 14, Beograd, Serbia / Tuesday-Friday: 1-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm.




The hands of my grandmother" & The sleep of beetles" - Hindi translation of poems in the book "Novembersonne / November Ki Dhoop", july 2021

In the book Novembersonne / November Ki Dhoop - Gengewartsdichtung aus Österreich / Aadhunik Austriai Kavitayen / Hindi Translation of Modern Austrian Poems” Namita Khare and Sanjeev Kaushal translated poems from Austria into Hindi. The selection includes new and older works, all of which are touching and some are deeply shocking, because they express truths that are part of everyday life all over the world. This anthology of poetry takes us on a journey from Austria to India right into our own hearts. 

With poems by Ingeborg Bachmann, Iris Blauensteiner, Ann Cotten, Franzobel, Maja Haderlap, Friedericke Mayröcker, Sophie Reyer, among others.

Book preview


“Half of the sky” receives the Award for Innovative Cinema at Diagonale, June 2021

We are very happy that the collectively produced film "Half of the Sky" by The Golden Pixel Cooperative was awarded the Award for Innovative Cinema at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film.

From the Diagonale catalog: "A sound collage of dialogical thoughts on feminist artists, activists, thinkers who encounter the staging of a "kite festival" in the picture. Movement, transmission, visibility and voice find their ways between image and sound, between the history of queer-feminist thoughts and performance in the present to continue political action through art."

From the jury statement: “Nobody makes a film alone, also for a demonstration, for a procession, for a performance you need others. You don't write a manifesto alone, you don't make history alone, and you are not alone in it. You have to find stories in history that tell of the fact that there were already others who inspired us. To inscribe yourself in this story, and to continue writing it, you need others ... "

Concept & realization of the film: Iris Blauensteiner, Dorottya Csécsei, Faika El-Nagashi, Anna Haidegger, Nathalie Koger, Lee Nevo, Luiza Margan, Christiana Perschon, Elena Peytchinska, Marlies Pöschl, Steffi Rauchwarter, Frida Robles, Simona Obholzer, Mona Schwitzer, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Alexandra Tatar, Lisa Truttmann, Seda Tunç

Jury Statement


“Half of the sky” at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, june 10 & 13, 2021

“Half of the sky” emerged from a dialogical process between the artists of the Golden Pixel Cooperative and associated collaborators from various fields. The filmproject offers a reflection on feminist role models and emancipatory practices. "Half of the sky" will be screened at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film in “Innovative Cinema Program 4”. The program is followed by a Q&A.

Participants: Iris Blauensteiner, Dorottya Csécsei, Faika El-Nagashi, Anna Haidegger, Nathalie Koger, Lee Nevo, Luiza Margan, Christiana Perschon, Elena Peytchinska, Marlies Pöschl, Steffi Rauchwarter, Frida Robles, Simona Obholzer, Mona Schwitzer, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Alexandra Tatar, Lisa Truttmann, Seda Tunç.

Innovative Cinema Program 4 / On june 10, 2021, 12.30p.m., at Annenhof Kino 7, Graz & on june 13, 2021, 4.30p.m, at Schubertkino 1, Graz

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The world is blue at its edges has been completed, since may 2021

The shortfilm "The world is blue at its edges" by Christine Moderbacher and Iris Blauensteiner has been completed after an intense period of work and is ready for screenings! More information about the premiere is coming soon!

 "What could I tell you about the world I live in?" Addressing her unborn child, the narrator tries to find answers partly through claustrophobic pictures interwoven with intimate notes on a pregnancy in times of a pandemic. Based on a childhood memory, the experimental short film spans from the Cold War Iron Curtain, to the so-called “refugee crisis” and the renewed closing of borders during COVID-19. Textures of walls closing in, blur with pixelated maps, creating a subjective portrait of a new reality and its digital image-world.

Link zum Trailer

Distribution: sixpackfilm


„Half of the sky“ at City Art Gallery Ljubljana, april 22 - june 20, 2021

The exhibition "When Gesture Becomes Event", as part of which the Golden Pixel Cooperative is presenting the collectively realized film installation "Half of the Sky", travels on to the Ljubljana City Gallery. “Half of the sky” emerged from a dialogical process between the artists of the cooperative and associated collaborators from various fields. The filmproject offers a reflection on feminist role models and emancipatory practices.

Participants: Iris Blauensteiner, Dorottya Csécsei, Faika El-Nagashi, Anna Haidegger, Nathalie Koger, Lee Nevo, Luiza Margan, Christiana Perschon, Elena Peytchinska, Marlies Pöschl, Steffi Rauchwarter, Frida Robles, Simona Obholzer, Mona Schwitzer, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Alexandra Tatar, Lisa Truttmann, Seda Tunç.

From april 22 to june 20, 2021 / City Art Gallery Ljubljana, Mestni trg 5, 1000 Ljubljana

Link to the Golden Pixel Cooperative

Link to the exhibition 


the_other_images in the online screening program THEY I SIE I ONI, april 15-18, 2021

The screening/streaming program "They I Sie I Oni" features Serbian artists and filmmakers from the Vienna-based Golden Pixel Cooperative. The online project was conceived by Belgrade-based curator Maja Ćirić. "They I Sie I Oni" addresses the exhibition of artistic films in the context of the Internet and its environment of competitive images. The project is a public reflection on cinematic data and how its visibility can be embedded and presented in these digital spaces overflowing with information.

Artists: Iris Blauensteiner, Zorica Čolić, Doplgenger, Marlies Pöschl, Dušan Rodić, Bárbara Palomino Ruiz, Igor Simić, Lisa Truttmann, Katharina Swoboda, Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Katarina Zdjelar / Curated by: Maja Ćirić

From April 15-18, 2021, daily a new part of the film program will be released on the website

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„Half of the sky“ at Künstlerhaus Vienna, December 8, 2020 - April 5, 2021

The Golden Pixel Cooperative presents the collectively produced videoinstallation "Half of the Sky" as part of the exhibition "When Gesture Becomes Event". In this work, the cooperative revisit the kite festivals organised by the Weimar Bauhaus in the 1920s, processions featuring kites designed as artworks and flying objects. In this homage to the under-appreciated female Bauhaus artists, GPC expresses its own version of the connection between art and life. The kites are dedicated to feminist role models: philosophers, activists, authors and artists. They emerged from a dialogical process between the artists of the cooperative and associated collaborators from various fields. The project offers a reflection on feminist role models and emancipatory practices.

Participants: Iris Blauensteiner, Dorottya Csécsei, Faika El-Nagashi, Anna Haidegger, Nathalie Koger, Lee Nevo, Luiza Margan, Christiana Perschon, Elena Peytchinska, Marlies Pöschl, Steffi Rauchwarter, Frida Robles, Simona Obholzer, Mona Schwitzer, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Alexandra Tatar, Lisa Truttmann, Seda Tunç.

From december 8, 2020 to april 5, 2021 / as part of the exhibition "When gesture becomes event" at Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Vienna

Link to the Golden Pixel Cooperative

Link to the exhibition at Künstlerhaus


Rest at Sehsaal Filmlounge, Vienna, September 24, 2020

In dealing with “Deception and Fragment” - title of the film program at gallery Sehsaal - the medium of film is of central importance as a documentator, observer and critical mediator. In autumn 2020, Sehsaal will be dedicated to a 3-day film lounge with selected Austrian artists and filmmakers - Anna Vasof, Iris Blauensteiner and Veronika Schubert - who will focus on deceptive sections of reality from different perspectives and on fragmentary approaches within their works. Sometimes humorous, frightening and irritating, demonstrative and alienating, intensive, associative, selective and discursive perspectives are made possible. Each film evening offers an introduction by the artists as well as a moderated, personal and open audience dialogue.

"Rest" is presented in the program “Home far from home”, curated by Siglinde Lang.

On September 24, 2020, 6 pm / Zentagasse 38, 1050 Vienna / With the request to register at the email

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Sweat at Studio Molière, Vienna, September 6, 2020

Proximity and contact, friendship and togetherness, mutual support and solidarity - the relationships of the present must be rethought and lived in real and virtual terms. This is also the case within the Golden Pixel Cooperative, which in its contribution “I long to be close to you” on the opening evening “Je t'aime moi non plus” of Le Studio Film is dedicated to a sensual translation of the theme „the lovers“ into image and imagery.

With works by Iris Blauensteiner, Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Lydia Nsiah, Olena Newkryta, Bárbara Palomino Ruiz, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda, Lisa Truttmann and Behrouz Rae; program compilation by Bábara Palomino Ruiz and Viktoria Schmid, Olena Newkryta and Lisa Truttmann.

On september 6, 2020, 6.30 p.m. / Studio Molière, Liechtensteinstraße 37, 1090 Vienna

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„Ein Teil, den ich nicht allein tragen konnte“, Audio-Text, at "Hidden Treasures", Wiedner Kultursommer, Vienna, July 18 - August 29, 2020

Waltergasse (street in Vienna) becomes a cultural “audio street" - with intimate, sometimes rough listening experiences that arise from personal artists lifes. At "Hidden Treasures" in Waltergasse, writers and musicians offer an insight into previously unpublished material full of impressions from the various (improvised) home studios via audio guides.

On track 5 you can hear the 26-minute audio text „Ein Teil, den ich nicht allein tragen konnte“ by Iris Blauensteiner!

With literature and music by: Martin Klein, Florian Gantner, Angelika Reitzer, Richie Beirach & Christian Scheuber, Iris Blauensteiner, Sixtus Preiss, Michael Stavarič, Verena Göltl, José FA Oliver, DUO 4675 / Concept: Fabian Burstein, Lea Halbwidl, Wiedener Kultursommer 2020.

The guides can be borrowed from July 18 to August 29, 2020 directly in Waltergasse, 1040 Vienna from Mon-Fri 1pm to 5pm and Sa. 10am to 1pm Bring or borrow headphones!


„Moving Ants on a painted tree“ at Faito Doc Festival, Monte Faito, August 3-7, 2020

„Moving Ants on a painted tree“ (by Christine Moderbacher and Iris Blauensteiner) will be shown in a program in which films on the topic of "Metamorpohosis" are collected. A film festival between two gulfs, facing the bay of Naples, the Vesuvius and the islands, where the air, the land, the water and the fire become one: to discover different visions of reality through documentaries from several horizons from all around the world. Meetings, debates, concerts and artistic walks in echo with the landscape, passing from a foreign world to a familiar intimacy. Online screenings and live events!

In the program „Metamorphosis“ / On august 3-7, 2020 / Bar Belvedere - Monte Faito, Via Piazzale Dei Capi 1, 80069 Vico Equense (Italy)

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„Moving Ants on a painted tree“ at Antart/Easa2020, virtual exhibition, July 21-24, 2020

The video “Moving Ants on a painted tree” by Christine Moderbacher and Iris Blauensteiner is part of the online exhibition “Field / Works. Kaleidoscopic Activities between Anthropology and Art. ANTART / EASA2020: New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe - Lisboa“.

For anthropologists and artists “doing fieldwork” in contemporary worlds, art can be much more than an object of investigation. Curation and creation through visual, audio, or performing arts are at the heart of their work, extending the established anthropological interest in writing as a medium of thought and knowledge sharing. This exhibition presents works by anthropologists and artists who break disciplinary boundaries, and whose practice foregrounds experimental, and open approaches to the theme “field/works". The project will be continued next year in Lisbon (2021) with a physical exhibition of artworks at FBAUL (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon).

Link to the exhibition  (july 21-24, 2020)

Information about the opening


the_other_images in the Art Collection of Wien Museum, from July 2020

The Wien Museum has an art collection of remarkable quality, size and diversity. Since 1894 the Wien Museum has been collecting art in the fields of painting, graphics, sculpture, architecture and applied arts, as well as object art, installation, photography and video art. The collection spans the time from the 14th century to the present. In july 2020 the_other_images has been included in the art collection. The collection is accessible for research purposes.

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and one of them singing on IsolationTV/Salzburg Art Association, May 28 - June 3, 2020

IsolationTV in cooperation with Salzburg Art Association presents the one-week online film program "Streaming Spectres" by the Golden Pixel Cooperative. Isolation TV is as a spontaneous response to quarantine and social distancing, during the Covid19 pandemic and consequent closing of Museums and Galleries, forcing the suspension or cancellation of many exhibitions and trapping works of art in empty buildings, unseen. 

With works by Iris Blauensteiner, Mirjam Bromundt, Enar de Dios Rodri­guez, Nathalie Koger, Luiza Margan, Olena Newkryta, Lydia Nsiah, Simona Obholzer, Christiana Perschon, Marlies Pöschl, Hanna Schimek, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda & Kamen Stoyanov, Lisa Truttmann / Compiled by Olena Newkryta, Lydia Nsiah and Vaari Claffey

Online-Screening from May 28 to June 3, 2020, each evening from 7 to 9.30pm.


and one of them singing at „Streaming Spectres“ - Online Film Screening, May 28 - June 3, 2020

In reaction to COVID-19 and its effects of temporary isolation, physical and spatial distance, this curated program of the Golden Pixel Cooperative presents film and video works by its members for the first time online. The compilation highlights critical and socio-political encounters with identities, bodies, both human made and humanless spaces as well as their ecological shadows. The moving image works feature documentary, experimental and performative audiovisual comments on the disembodied realms of our time. Watching the program viewers will encounter humans and robots, touch sculptures and bodies, discover sand, pixels and fluids. By „Streaming Spectres“ via their screens they will travel at home and enter real and virtual places, taking time to remember, to forget, to imagine and to dream.

With works by Iris Blauensteiner, Mirjam Bromundt, Enar de Dios Rodri­guez, Nathalie Koger, Luiza Margan, Olena Newkryta, Lydia Nsiah, Simona Obholzer, Christiana Perschon, Marlies Pöschl, Hanna Schimek, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Katharina Swoboda & Kamen Stoyanov, Lisa Truttmann / Compiled by Olena Newkryta and Lydia Nsiah / Website development and design by Lagentedelcomun.

The Online-Screening will be shown from May 28 to June 3, 2020, each evening from 7 to 9.30pm.


Offer as Script Consultant at Drehbuchforum Vienna, from April 2020

I'm glad to be listed with the offer as script consultant at Drehbuchforum Vienna! If you are interested in dramaturgical and artistic advice: Please send me an email!

"Iris Blauensteiner works as a director and writer in the fields of film and literature. She studied 'Art and Digital Media' at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Theater, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna. Since 2004 she is making films, especially in the fields of writing and directing. Her films, the latest 'the_other_images', 'Rest' and 'Sweat', were screened at international festivals. Her debut novel was published by Kremayr & Scheriau in 2016.

Her dramaturgical and artistic advice focuses on experimental approaches for narrative forms or innovative elements within classic narratives. Iris Blauensteiner offers to work as a supportive partner for the writer - especially for the intersections between film and other artistic fields, such as fine arts, literature, sound, new media and performance.  The collaboration always takes place in a respectful safe space, in which she accompanies with depth for the content, curiosity about contemporary discourses, pleasure in cinematic storytelling and various methods to associate and shape the story."

Link to Drehbuchforum with Info


the_other_images in the program "The Golden Pixel Cooperative goes TV", OktoTV, march 8 and 15, 2020

"The Golden Pixel Cooperative goes TV - Short Film Program White Light on Oktoskop" marks the start of the series of cooperations between the Golden Pixel Cooperative and OktoTV.  Simona Obholzer and Lisa Truttmann present the cooperative in conversation with Antonia Rahofer in the studio. “White Light” brings together many current films by the members of the cooperative: Whether performative, documentary, performative, acting indoors or outdoors, the films have one thing in common: They use moving images as a scope for artistic self-empowerment.  / Concept: The Golden Pixel Cooperative with OktoTV / Project Coordination: Antonia Rahofer and Iris Blauensteiner / Compilation film program „White Light“: Christiana Perschon.

Initial broadcast: March 8, 2020, 8.05 pm / Rerun: 15 March 2020, approx. 9.30 pm / TV reception via cable, DVB-T2 and Live-Stream

More info

Go to Live-Stream 


Kopfzecke at Ost West Club Est Ovest, Merano, febuary 19, 2020

"Kopfzecke" will be presented at the literary club with a reading and a public discussion. Moderated by Sonja Steger.

On febuary 19, 2020, 7pm / Ost West Club Est Ovest, Kultur- und Kommunikationszentrum - Centro per la cultura e la communicazione, Passeirergasse 29 – vicolo Passiria, 29, I39012 Merano 

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the_other_images at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur - The Short Film Festival of Switzerland, november 6 & 9, 2019

The program „The Future Is Past Perfect“ - as part of the main focus of this years festival: „The Future Is…“ - is an invitation to travel through time in a physical and philosophical sense. Thinking about the future always also involves reflection about the past. Time travel reflects the paradoxical desire to revive the past in order to make the future better than the present. But the driving force behind this endeavour is often nostalgia rather than historical reality. Or was the past really that perfect? (Films: „La Jetée“ by Chris Marker, „The Voyagers“ by Penny Lane, „the_other_images“ by Iris Blauensteiner, „Past Perfect“ by Jorge Jácome).

On november 6, 2019, 5p.m, at Casino 2, Stadthausstrasse 119, 8400 Winterthur (Switzerland) & on november 9, 2019, 10p.m, Kino Cameo, Lagerpl. 19, 8400 Winterthur (Switzerland) / After the screening on november 9, there will be a Q&A with Iris Blauensteiner and a context-talk with David Pfluger (ERC Avanced Grant FilmColors).

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Kopfzecke at the Austrian Library Belgrade, october 28, 2019

The author reading and book presentation will be followed by a public discussion in German and English. The event is hosted by the Austrian Library Belgrade - Austrijska biblioteka Beograd & Austrijski kulturni forum Beograd. Moderation: Šejla Džidić.

On october 28, 2019, 6p.m / Naučna savetnica Austrijske biblioteke u Beogradu, Univerzitetska biblioteka "Svetozar Markovic", Belgrade University Library, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 71, 11000 Beograd (Serbia)

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Screenings at the Academic Film Center Belgrade, october 23, 2019

As part of the residency of the "Alternative Film/Video Festival" in Belgrade, the films the_other_images, Doublage, and one of them singing, Sweat and Rest are screened. Artist talk moderated by Ivan Velisavljević.

On october 23, 2019, 8p.m. / AFC DKSG Belgrade, Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 179, 11070 Novi Beograd (Serbia)

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Rest & Sweat at the Art Gallery "Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović", Čačak, october 14, 2019

The film- and video program of the gallery "Nadežda Petrović" presents the screenings of "Rest" and "Sweat" as part of the exhibition "Sonjin septembar 2019: Iris Blauenštajner". The screenings and the artist talk will be moderated by Borisav Matić.

On October 14, 2019, 20h / Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović Čačak, Cara Dušana 6, 32000 Čačak (Serbia)

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Go to Video-Interview on Televizija Lav plus, oct 14, 2019 (at min 12.30)


Author-Reading at Blumenmontag, Vienna, september 30, 2019

In the reading series "Flower Monday" the blossoms of literature, poetry and prose are read every last monday of the month in Cafe Stadtbahn. This time: Poetry-Special (Timo Brandt, Iris Blauensteiner, Marko Dinić & Cornelia Hülmbauer), comedy by g-udit and music by Smashed To Pieces.

On september 30, 2019, 7.30 pm / Blumenmontag at Cafe Stadtbahn, Gersthofer Strasse 47, 1180 Wien-Gersthof / Free admission

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Awards at Festival International du Film de Nancy, 2019

„the_other_images" has been awarded the jury-award of the section "labo" (experimental film section) and a significant achievement by the young audience jury at Festival International du Film de Nancy!

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Container in the gallery Kunst:Werk, St.Pölten, september 5 - october 6, 2019

For the exhibition 'Traces' of the St. Pölten Artists' Association we (Christine Moderbacher & Iris Blauensteiner) adapted the art project 'Container'. The exhibition deals with various aspects of the term "traces" (imprints, trackings, footprints, furrows, obeying ...). Participating artists: Anton Ehrenberger, Hermann F. Fischl, Alois Junek, Elisabeth Kallinger, Hermine Karigl-Wagenhofer, Ernest A. Kienzl, Herbert Kraus, Evi Leuchtgelb, Mark Rossell, Franz Rupp, Kurt Schönthaler, JF Sochurek, Peter Weber, Margareta Weichhart -Atony, Claudia Zawadil, Iris Blauensteiner and Christine Moderbacher.

From september 5 to october 6, 2019 - Thursday & Friday 4-6.30 p.m and Saturday & Sunday 10-12.30 a.m / Kunst:WerK St. Pölten, Linzerstraße 16 (Löwenhof), 3100 St.Pölten / The vernissage takes place on the september 5, 2019 at 6.30 p.m.

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Invitation to the vernissage


Film-Exhibition „Sonjin septembar 2019: Iris Blauenštajner“, Čačak, september 3 - october 31, 2019

At the initiative of the art gallery "Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović" the "Alternative Film/Video - Festival of New Film and Video" established a special award: the "Sonja-Savić-Award". In addition to the list of significant achievements the jury gave the award " a film that plunges into subversive reality beyond the ordinary, peaceful life" in Sonja's name. As part of the event "Sonja's September 2019" the exhibition features three video works / installations by Iris Blauensteiner: „Doublage“, „and one of them singing“ & „the_other_images“.

From september 3 to october 31, 2019 / Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović Čačak, Cara Dušana 6, 32000 Čačak (Serbia) / Opening: september 3, 2019 at 7p.m.

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Go to Video-Interview on Televizija Lav plus, oct 14, 2019 (at min 12.30)


the_other_images at the Festival International du Film de Nancy, august 31 - september 6, 2019

"the_other_images" will be shown at the Festival International du Film de Nancy (France) in the competition-section "Labo" as a part of three screenings.

On august 31, 2019, 6.45p.m & september 3, 2019, 9p.m, at IECA - Instutute Européen de cinéma et d'audiovisuel, 10, rue Michel Ney, 54000 Nancy / On september 6, 2.30p.m, at the Conservatiore Régional de la métropole du grand Nancy, 3, rue Michel Ney 54000 Nancy

Click here for the online-festival-catalog


"Moving ants on a painted tree" at Transborders-Festival, Southern Styria, august 29 - september 1, 2019

Together with the other 30-second videos of the selected longlist of the competition on the topic "border/s", the short-video "Moving ants on a painted tree" (by Christine Moderbacher & Iris Blauensteiner) will be shown daily in loop at "Transborders"-Festival at the Customs Office in Bad Radkersburg in Southern Styria. The first screening took place at the Award ceremony on august 5, 2019 in the ORF TV-Studio Styria in Graz. "Transborders" is a transdisciplinary art festival with the motto "Fluxus at the lake -  100 years after the demarcation in the Treaty of St. Germain", which adresses the situation, stories and myths along the border with Slovenia up to the border triangle (Austria / Slovenia / Hungary).

From August 29 to September 1, 2019 / Zollamt Bad Radkersburg, Stadtgrabenstraße 33, A-8490 Bad Radkersburg

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Open Studio at Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, august 27, 2019

The diverse group of international artists-in-residence is opening their studios this evening and will show the process and work that they have made during their residency period of august at Kunstnarhuset Messen: painting, drawing, film, sound and installation.

Artists: Barbara Höller, Ingrid Simons, Iris Blauensteiner, Kala Pierson &  Lucia Veronesi 

On august 27, 2019, 7p.m / Kunstnarhuset Messen, Ålvikvegen 1065, 5614 Ålvik (Norway)

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the_other_images at FLuca - Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Plovdiv, july 26, 2019

At FLUCA, part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019, the Viennese based “Golden Pixel Cooperative” presents video works by their members in the program "White Light".  The compilation of film and video works is based on visual associations and understands moving images as a space for artistic self-empowerment. The range of performative and documentary modes of work shows the appropriation of urban and museum spaces as well as landscapes, establishes relationships via visual axes and gestures, and generates new modes of perception through the processing of found material. Presented by Lisa Truttmann and Katharina Swoboda. Hosted by Boris Kostadinov.

Short film screening by Golden Pixel Cooperative / july 26, 2019, 9p.m / FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion, Otets Paisiy str. 36,, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria

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Container at Viertelfestival Niederösterreich, Lower Austria: Berg, july 21, 2019

An art project by Christine Moderbacher and Iris Blauensteiner.

Never before - as historian Astrid Nunn writes in the preface to her book 'Walls' - have so many borders been negotiated, defined and guarded as now. Around 250,000 kilometers in length are the boundary lines that currently exist in the world. A section of this is the border between Austria and Slovakia. Even after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the EU accession of both countries and the signing of the Schengen Agreement, the border is still guarded. The parking lot of the old customs office at the former border station Berg was 2015/16 habitat for refugees. As in many places in Lower Austria, people were also housed in container villages here. They meant inclusion and demarcation at the same time. Meanwhile, almost all of these villages are dismantled again. What traces have remained at a border space in a border area whose history is characterized by boundaries and openings? History is not just a matter of a few - each and every one that leaves his or her marks is part of it. We went to Berg for three weeks and looked for traces as observers. From these observations and impressions emerged this exhibition. Thomas Otrok and Sara Olia will be reading.

Exhibition and reading on Sunday, july 21, 2019, 5 p.m / Event hall of Gemeinde Berg, Hauptstraße 33, 2413 Berg / Free admission

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Kopfzecke Author-Reading at the festival „Literatur findet Land“, Salzburg,  june 29, 2019
In Neukirchen am Großvenediger, writers who have won many literary awards and are (still) not known to a broad readership will be reading for a weekend. With the festival „Literatur findet Land“, authors present their works in the National Park region to a new audience to question the much-cited gap between city and country. (With Florian Gantner, Irmi Fuchs, Tanja Raich, Robert Prosser, Christian Futscher, etc.) Reading by Iris Blauensteiner:
On june 29, 2019, 2pm / Wildkogel mountain restaurant, Marktstraße 171, 5741 Neukirchen am Großvenediger
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Main-Award at the script-competition „If she can see it, she can be it“ 2019
On june 4, 2019, the award ceremony for the main-award of the script-competition „If she can see it, she can be it - Female characters besides the cliche“ (Drehbuchforum Vienna, Austrian Film Institute/gender*in*equality & FC Gloria) took place in Vienna.
Excerpt from the jury statement for „Gelbe Blätter“ („Yellow Leaves“) by Iris Blauensteiner:
"... A poetic, as well as concise visual language, a finely modeled sound level, complexity and precision in figure drawing and in the dialogues convince. The author has a great awareness of personal, political and social obstacles that must be cleared away from Yulia and Arthur in order to really meet each other. The courage to renounce cynicism and to tell a contemporary love story is a counterpoint in contemporary cinematic storytelling. Nothing is claimed, everything is shown. Yulia's gaze is autonomous, combative, affectionate, courageous and not judgmental - just like the look of the author herself ... "

More info and full jury statement here


Author-Reading at Dielesebühne, Vienna, may 28, 2019
Texts are written and projected live and simultaneously interpreted by a musician. Writing on the laptop: Martin Peichl & Iris Blauensteiner, Music: Thomas Fèanis, Concept and organization: Marlene Hachmeister
On may 28, 2019, 7 pm / Dielesebühne, at Kulturverein Einbaumöbel, Gürtelbogen 97, 1090 Vienna / Free admission
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Author-Reading at Blumenmontag, Vienna, may 27, 2019
In the reading series "Flower Monday" the blossoms of literature, poetry and prose are read every last Monday of the month in Cafe Stadtbahn. In the May issue read: Iris Blauensteiner, Mike Blumentopf, Ru Krieger and Barbara Zeman.
On may 27, 2019, 7 pm / Blumenmontag at Cafe Stadtbahn, Gersthofer Strasse 47, 1180 Wien-Gersthof / Free admission
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the_other_images on ARTE Creative, from february 2019
From February 13th 2019, you can watch "the_other_images" as well as all works of the fourth season of "Pixel, Bytes & Film" in the category Culture & Pop / Collections online on Arte Creative!
Click here for the website


the_other_images at Cinema Next, Vienna, febuary 5, 2019
The Cinema Next Special „My other images“ shows three filmmakers rummaging in their personal archives: In "Wellenbande" Stefanie Weberhofer brings out Super8 material that slumbered in the family's attic, allowing it to meet newly shot material, thus creating a family reunification in film form. Josephine Ahnelt processes her year in enigmatic pictures in Japan and creates a new intimate diary with "Winter Bienen". Iris Blauensteiner opens an old hard disk of a film project, which she realized 10 years ago, and turns the barely readable files there into another, new film: "the_other_images".
On febuary 5, 2019, 8.30pm / Top Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna / Free entrance / Q&A afterwards
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Sweat, Rest and the_other_images on Realeyz - Indie Film Network, from january 2019
The films are available internationally on the arthouse-cinema platform „Realeyz - Indie Film Network“ from now on!


Awards at Alternative Film/Video Festival in Belgrade, 2018
„the_other_images" has been awarded the Sonja-Savić-Award and a Significant Achievement at Alternative Film/Video Filmfestival in Belgrade!
Jury-Statement: “Deconstruction of digital film process as media-Archeology of a personal project of the past. Sophistically narrated and an open film in its production process, the film becomes universal by putting the question on which ghosts may arise from our collected images when we open our archives."


the_other_images at Alternative Film/Video Festival, Belgrade, december 14, 2018
the_other_images will be screened in the main-competition prgram 3 of the festival. The theme of Alternative Film/Video 2018 is "COLLECTIVism". Over 70 alternative, innovative, experimental, avant-garde, personal and political film-/videoworks from more than 30 countries will be screened. The festival consists of two multimedia exhibitions and a cinematic VR workshop as well. The Alternative Film/Video Research Forum and the two open panel discussions are traditionally places where film artists, theorists, historians, archivists and curators discuss and debate important topics. This year’s subjects include film collectives, cinema clubs, collective authorship and collectivism as an artistic theme.
On december, 14, 2018, 19h / Competition Program 3 / City Cultural Center, Novi Beograd, Serbia / anschließend Q&A
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„Kopfzecke“ at MUSA, Vienna, december 12, 2018
In celebration of the Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018, Iris Blauensteiner will read from her novel „Kopfzecke“ (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2016). Christoph Ransmayr, who won the Award honoring literarure will read from „Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes“. Introduction and moderation: Julia Danielczyk, Departement of literature, MA7
On december 12, 2018, 6.30pm / MUSA Museum, Felderstraße 6-8, 1010 Vienna / Registration required
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the_other_images & Milk at Cinema Next, Vienna, december 11, 2018
The Cinema Next Special „My other images“ shows three filmmakers rummaging in their personal archives: In "Wellenbande" Stefanie Weberhofer brings out Super8 material that slumbered in the family's attic, allowing it to meet newly shot material, thus creating a family reunification in film form. Josephine Ahnelt processes her year in enigmatic pictures in Japan and creates a new intimate diary with "Winter Bienen". Iris Blauensteiner opens an old hard disk of a film project, which she realized 10 years ago, and turns the barely readable files there into another, new film: "the_other_images". Afterwards, the "original film" to which her film refers is shown: "Milk".
On december 11, 2018, 9p.m., Top Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna / Free entrance / Q&A afterwards


the_other_images at Furora Film Festival Berlin, december 8, 2018
Furora Film Festival will be held from december 7-8, 2018 in Berlin. Besides film screenings, there will be panels and network-meetings for female filmmakers. the_other_images will be screened in shortfilmprogram 2 „(Re)move to remodel“.
On december 8, 2018, 10p.m. / City Cinema Wedding, Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin / Q&A afterwards

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„Stierbauch“ (shortstory) in the literature magazine Lichtungen, 156/2018
The Shortstory is published in the current issue of the literature magazine "Lichtungen" (with topic focus on: Congolese poetry in French language).
Since december 2018 /  issue number 156/2018 / Order at Lichtungen Website
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Presentation „ArtStart-Scholarship“ at Vienna Art Week, november 24, 2018
The scholarship holders of the sponsorship scheme for emerging artists by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna introduce themselves and present their work: Iris Blauensteiner, Michael Simku, Lukas Hochrieder, Andrej Polukord, Veronika Eberhart, Nora Jacobs, Terese Kasalicky, Steffi Parlow, and Daniela Zeilinger. 
On november 24, 2018, 4–7pm / Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Mehrzwecksaal, Lehargasse 8, 1060  Vienna
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Author-Reading at Babelsprech International - „Eurovision Poetry“, Vienna, november 23, 2018
Almost seventy young poets will read on november 23, 2018, 7.30p.m. in eleven different cities in Europe: Vaduz, London, Rotterdam, Frankfurt on the Main, Cologne, Zurich, Luzern, Salzburg, Vienna, Ljubljana and Czernowitz. The readings are part of the last conference by „Babelsprech International“, which will take place from november 21-24, 2018 in Vaduz. Under the motto „Eurovision Poetry“, the conference deals with poetry as an artistic language for a new generation of Europeans. Poets reading in Vienna: Iris Blauensteiner, Sirka Elspaß, Christiane Heidrich, Sina Klein, Oravin, Uroš Prah, Elif San. Moderation: Frieda Paris und Sandro Huber.
On november, 23 2018, 7.30p.m. / Perinetkeller, Perinetgasse 1, 1200 Vienna
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„the_other_images“ at „White Light II“, Vienna Art Week, november 23, 2018
As a part of Vienna Art Week's program, the Golden Pixel Cooperative presents the multiple aspects of her member’s works. The visual associative film program shows moving images as possibilities of artistic empowerment.
With films by: Iris Blauensteiner, Nathalie Koger, Luiza Margan, Lydia Nsiah, Simona Obholzer, Barbara Palomino, Christiana Perschon, Marlies Pöschl, Viktoria Schmid, Miae Son, Bernhard Staudinger, Katharina Swoboda und Lisa Truttmann.
On November 23, 2018,  6.30p.m. / Medienwerkstatt, Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Vienna / Free entrance
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Award at the script-competition „If she can see it, she can be it“ 2018
On november 12, 2018, the award ceremony of the first of two script-competition levels for „If she can see it, she can be it - Female characters besides the cliche“ took place at Filmcasino-Cinema in Vienna. Drehbuchforum Vienna, the Austrian Film Institute/gender*in*equality, FC Gloria and the jury named the awarded authors: Iris Blauensteiner with „Gelbe Blätter“, Johannes Bültermann with „Die Abwesenden und die Übriggebliebenen“, Magdalena Chmielewska and Andreas Schiessler with „Olka“, Mario Karner with „Andrea, the Giant“, Antoinette Zwirchmayr with „Ich bin mein Versteck“.
More Info and Jury Statement


„Kopfzecke“ at Wald.Lesungs.Viertel, Zwettl, september 15, 2018
Walking through the forest of Waldviertel with the literature festival Wald.Lesungs.Viertel, you can listen to the author-readings by Iris Blauensteiner and Alois Hotschnig, as well as music by Thrice the Rice. Foods and drinks will be served.
On september, 15, 2018, 1pm / Starting point: Parkplatz Fischerei - Stift Zwettl

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„the_other_images“ at frame(o)ut - digital film festival, MQ Vienna, august 18, 2018
frame(o)ut, the summer open air cinema at Museumsquartier invites you to celebrate cinema and digital culture with a mixed program consisting of documentary-, fiction-, animation-, art- and short movies.
„the_other_images“ und „The Cleaners“ are shown in this evening-program.
Museumsquartier Court 8, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna / august 18, 2018, 21h / free entrance / under bad weather conditions the screening will be inside at MQ ARENA21


Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018
Each year, the city of Vienna valuates the work of artists in the fields of architecture, fine arts, literature, music and science. 2018 the Awards promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018 go to Iris Blauensteiner and Mascha Dabić.

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 "Rest" at dotdotdot - Open Air Shortfilmfestival Vienna, july 19, 2018
With the motto "We're in this together now“, the festival passionated for unconventional sceeningformats invites you this year to project the utopia for a global humanism. „Rest“ will be screened in the program „Go forward, never look back“.
At Volkskundemuseum Vienna, Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna / july 19, 2018, 8.30p.m / Q&A afterwards / free entrance / under bad weather conditions the screening will be inside

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„Rest“ on DVD can be rented at Filmgalerie 8 1/2 in Vienna
„Rest“ is the summer-tip at Filmgallery 8 1/2, where you can rent the DVD!
„Rest allows an intimate and openminded glimpse into the lives of people - either on their own, in twos or as parts of small groups - together with the others or with themselves. The movie shows this important message of solidarity by lively, close and human relationships with the protagonists.“ (Alexander Lustig)
Here you find info about the DVD-rent


 „the_other_images“ at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna, june 21 and 24, 2018
The Golden Pixel Cooperative shows the shortfilm-program "White light" in the frame of the cinema release of Lisa Truttmans „Tarpaulins“ at Metro Kinokulturhaus. From june 6 to july 8, 2018, the shortfilms are screened before „Tarpaulins“. Each one of the 12 screenings will be presented by a member of the Golden Pixelcooperative personally.
„distortion" (Lydia Nsiah) & „the_other_images“ (Iris Blauensteiner) are screened before „Tarpaulins“ on june 21, 2018, 8.30pm and on june 24, 2018, 8pm 20 / at Metro Kinokulturhaus Vienna, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Vienna
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"the_other_images" at the Norwegian Short Film Festival - Kortfilmfestivalen Grimstad, june 13-17, 2018
THE_OTHER_IMAGES is part of the competition program „Best Short Documentary“ and will be screend at the festival in cinema twice!
On june 14, 2018, 12pm (Cinema Catilina, Grimstad) and on june 16, 2018, 4.15 pm (Cinema Vesle Hallvard, Grimstad) / „Meet the filmmakers“ after the screening on june 14


"Rest" at SOHO in Ottakring Festival Vienna, june 2-16, 2018
REST is shown in the cinema-projection-space of the exhibition „The law of common good – Democracy between utopia and discomfort“ at SOHO in Ottakring Festival!
Altes Museum, Gomperzgasse 1-3, 1160 Vienna / daily from june 2-16, 2018 / Opening on june 2, 7p.m


"Rest" in the program „Oktoskop“ on OktoTV, april 22 and 29, 2018
The program shows Austrian movies and interviews with the filmmakers.
On april 22, 2018, 8.10pm and april, 29, 2018 um 9.30pm in OktoTV / Go to Lifestream / Watch the interview with Iris Blauensteiner online at Oktothek.


"In der Stille ist Ping Pong ein lautes Spiel" at kolik.autoren.lounge, Vienna, march 20, 2018
I will read from my work-in-progress intermedia-novel IN DER STILLE IST PING PONG EIN LAUTES SPIEL at "kolik.autoren.lounge“. Elias Hirschl and Antonio Fian will present their works on this evening as well.
On march 20, 2018, 8pm / at Schauspielhaus-Nachbarhaus, Porzellangasse, 1090 Vienna
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"the_other_images" at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, march 13-18, 2018
Diagonale offers a tailored program selection, and therefore the rare opportunity to become acquainted with Austrian film in all its diversity, to trace current artistic trends and, to make some (re-)discoveries along the way.
In the program „Innovative Cinema 2“ / on march 14, 2018 at 9pm (Rechbauer Cinema, Graz) and on march 16, 2018 at 1.30pm (Annenhof Cinema, Hall 5, Graz) / with Q&A after the program

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Talk „We do the film distribution ourselves“ at Cinema Next Breakfast Club, Graz, march 17, 2018
The initiative Cinema Next presents the „Cinema Next Breakfastclub #2“ at Diagonale - Festival of Austrian Film. The program „We do the film distribution ourselves“ consists of 5-minutes-interventions by Iris Blauensteiner, Leni Gruber, Andreas Jaritz, Wolfgang Ritzberger und Bernhard Wenger and discussions afterwards.
Bar 8020, Hotel Mariahilf, Graz / on march 17, 2018, 11am-1pm / Free entrance / with breakfast
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"Sweat" at Austrian Filmweek, Tirana, march 5, 2018
Organized by the Austrian Embassy Tirana (Albania), selected featurefilms and shortfilms by Austrian directors are shown at Cineplexx, the biggest cinema hall in Tirana.
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„Sweat“ available online on filmmit, from march 2018
„Sweat“ is available online at the VoD platform Flimmit! In april 2018 even for free.


„the_other_images“ on ORFIII, febuary 11 and 12, 2018
„the_other_images“ is broadcasted in the program „Pixel, Bytes & Film | Artist in Residence“! The centre of this program is formed by the research for innovations in audiovisual media. New digital technologies give opportunities for artistic practises and challenge traditional forms of presentation like cinema, exhibitions or linear TV.
On febuary 22, 2018, 8.45am and febuary 12, 2018, 4.55am on ORFII / the program is available on ORF-online for one week  

Watch the interview-part of the program with Iris Blauensteiner und Rojin Sharafi here


„Rest“ available at VoD Club Austria, from february 2018
Watch „Rest“ online! On all 30 VoD-club-websites of 30 art house cinemas all over Austria. Cinema at home, an initiative to make Austrian Cinema visible.
Rent „Rest“ online here