The world is blue at its edges

Experimental essay film, 15min, 2021

During the Corona pandemic, a mother adresses a pixel stream of consciousness to her future child. A glimmer of hope among the constant murmur of uncertainty.




Experimental essay film, 17min, 2018

A desktop film – (hi)stories of 21st century cinema about storing digital memories and possible utopias in one's own data on a hard drive.




Documentary, 60min, 2016

A truck-stop area and a neighboring campsite along the highway both offer one thing: taking a break. Breathing pauses of people on the road - a road movie upside down.




Fiction short, 30min, 2014

The film follows the last days of a friendship between two girls. A coming-of-age portrait between wannabe and gangster attitudes, disco and a cautious quest for identity.



and one of them singing

Essay film, 7min, 2011

The voice of an extra superimposes a second story on a scene from the film "The Blue Angel". An essayfilm about the face of a marginalised filmcharacter.




Short fiction, 20min, 2009

The film atmospherically portrays a young womans journey through, during which encounters unfold and disappear again into the intangible.




Essay film, 5.30min, 2007

In a young womans apartment building, real and imagined life stories overlap. An Invitation to tinker with ideas and possibilities - a film like a poem.