Dramaturgy & Workshops





The focus of Iris Blauensteiner's script consulting is on experimental approaches and narrative forms or innovative elements within classic stories. Especially at the intersection of film and other artistic disciplines, such as visual arts, literature, sound, new media and performance, she offers dramaturgical and artistic support for writers. The collaboration takes place in a respectful framework, in which she accompanies with depth of content, curiosity about contemporary discourses, a desire for cinematic storytelling and versatile methods of associating and forming the narrative. 


"I'm enthusiastic, when matter and form combine structure and chaos - branching out in a lively way and

at the same time becoming clearly recognizable. I'm happy to support you in the artistic narration!"



Workshops and Courses



- 2023 Workshop and talk "I wonder about the images I see. Narrative paths through video footage", for students of the Institute of Art and Digital Media, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

- 2023 Talk at the Laboratoire d’Études en Sciences des Arts, Aix Marseille Université, “L’extimité à l’écran. Du cinéma de l’impudeur au desktop films” for students, curated and organized by Miriam De Rosa and Marie Rebecchi

- 2022 Roundtable Talk at the Fondazione Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, "Experiments in Desktop Cinema" for students, curated and organized by Miriam De Rosa


Workshops for artists and students:

- 2023-25 Co-conception and co-organisation of the international GPC Lab - Dramaturgical support for innovative-experimental film, video or moving images, in the context of the Golden Pixel Cooperative (together with Marlies Pöschl)

- 2023 Workshop “Associative Fields. Script and Dramaturgy", in the context of the Golden Pixel Cooperative, Medienwerkstatt Vienna

- 2021-22 Workshops “Open-form film dramaturgy with “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction” (Ursula K. Le Guin)” for the film-start-scholarship artists (young talent) by the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport (together with Mona Schwitzer)

- 2018 Workshop “Artistic Film Distribution Strategies” for the scholarship artists of the “Pixel, Bytes & Film” program - innovative projects with a digital focus (Federal Chancellery of Austria, ORF III, Institute for Knowledge Transfer)

- 2016 “Film Script” workshop for members of The Golden Pixel Cooperative

- 2011 Filmfestival project workshop “Poetry and Film”, in the context of of Ethnocineca - Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest Vienna (together with Sandra Gugic)


Workshops for young people:

- 2023 Literature workshop “Image.Sound.Text”, Literature Museum of the Austrian National Library Vienna, in the context of “Texte. Award for Young Literature”

- 2010-15 Regular development and holding of topic-related video workshops, school projects and freetime workshops, in the WienXtra media center Vienna, e.g. “Filmecke” - film journalistic TV programs for and by young filmmakers on Okto Community TV

- 2010 Video workshop “Filmecke Mobil”, film journalistic TV program as part of Youki - International Youth Media Festival Wels (together with Clara Stern)


Other courses:

- 2019 Workshop “Container. Creating spaces for memory", ethnographic-literary writing, in the context of Viertelfestival Lower Austria (together with Christine Moderbacher)

- 2015 Semester film script courses “Film Writing” (basics, scenes, stories, film analysis), at FMZ, Adult Education Center Johannagasse, 1050 Vienna