Sweat / Shortfiction (2014)


A coming-of-age portrait between wannabe and gangster attitudes, disco and a cautious quest for identity.



Fiction-Short / DCP / 30 min / 2014


Screenplay and Director: Iris Blauensteiner / Cast: Michelle Lechner, Agnes Wilfinger, Jakob Hofer, Wiltrud Schreiner, Felix Lenz, a.o. / DoP: Carolina Steinbrecher / Set Design and Costumes: Nina Salak, Katharina Haring / Editing: Linda Reif / Music: Gudrun von Laxenburg / Production: Daniela Praher Filmproduktion / Supported by Austrian Federal Chancellery Arts and Culture, Culture department Lower Austria, City of Vienna - Culture department MA7, VAM, Otto Mauer Fonds

SWEAT follows the last three days of a friendship between two girls. Marion and Elisa live in a quiet village in the countryside that offers them very little. They roam their rural surroundings, go to parties, watch videos, swim in the lake and fight. Angry about the accustomed, they develop new, unexpected power. And start to act it out.
“With a pulsating sound comes an Austrian still life stripped bare: summer holidays, backwoods, boredom. Two girlfriends ponder the future and shoot the breeze. Frustrated by the eternal monotony, they channel their adolescent insecurities into spontaneous outbursts of aggression. Playing to that on a YouTube stream are filmed atrocities of live animal feeding: In both cases, the law of the jungle reigns. In the beautifully photographed vacuum of a clearly staked out village cosmos, Iris Blauensteiner confronts her protagonists with the unavoidable settings of the course on the way to adulthood—and also with the two young women’s long-term separation, the inevitability of which has first become apparent. A coming-of-age portrait between wannabe and gangster attitudes, disco and a cautious quest for identity.“ (Sebastian Höglinger, Diagonale Catalogue, 2014)


Distribution: sixpackfilm







* AWARDS: “Best Austrian Newcomer 2014” - Vienna Independent Shorts 2014 / “spec-script-Award 2010” at Drehbuchwerkstatt Salzburg


* FESTIVALS: Kyiv International Short Film Festival, april 19-23, 2017 / 21th International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece), september 14-19, 2015 / Identities - Filmfestival, Vienna, June 11-19, 2015 / this human world, Vienna, December 4-13, 2014 / Kino unter Sternen Open Air at Karlsplatz, Vienna, June 27-July 19, 2014 / VIS - Vienna Independent Shorts, May 23-29, 2014 / CANNES Court Métrage “Short Film Corner“, Festival de Cannes, May 14-25, 2014 / Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film, Graz, March 18-23, 2014
* SCREENINGS: Filmarchiv Austria: “New Beginnings. Feature film debuts by Austrian women directors 1999-2021”, Vienna, september 16 & october 18, 2021 / Studio Molière, Vienna, september 6, 2020 / Academic Film Center Belgrade, october 23, 2019 / „Austrian Filmweek“ at Austrian Embassy Tirana, march 5, 2018 / dotdotdot - Open Air Shortfilm-Festival Vienna,  july 20, 2017 / „School at the cinema“, Filmmuseum Vienna, december 7, 2016 / Festival: Szene Europa, Societatstheatre Dresden, may 10, 2016 / “Shorts before Christmas”-Shortfilmprogram by VIS, Votivkino Vienna, december 17, 2015 / Steirischer Herbst -Festival, Graz, december 9, 2014 / Cinema Next screening at “Das Kino”, Salzburg, november 18, 2014 / Art UnAnchored Festival, Bratislava-Vienna, october 4, 2014

* EXHIBITION: Solo-Exhibition „Sonjin septembar 2019: Iris Blauenštajner“, Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović, Čačak, september 3 - october 31, 2019

* TV: ORF III, March 20, 2015 / ”Oktoskop” at OktoTV, October 19 an 26, 2014

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