Novel (german language)
Iris Blauensteiner

176 pages
Published by Kremayr & Scheriau
ISBN: 978-3-218-01044-3

AWARDS: Award promoting literature by the City of Vienna 2018 / Shortlist Literature Award Alpha 2017 / Rome-Residency / Literature by bka - Austrian Federal Chancellery Arts and Culture 2013
 / scholarship young talents - Grant for literature by bka - Austrian Federal Chancellery Arts and Culture  2011



A memory that blurs, a woman who is getting thinner - that's what Moni has to watch every day. She takes care of her mother with dementia as best she can, but she takes her breath away. In an interplay of distancing and rapprochement, Moni seeks to reconstruct the past in order to fill in the gaps in her own story and gradually come off this past.
In silent scenes and poetic images, Iris Blauensteiner creates atmospheres in which the figures are approachable. In between lies the unspoken and uncertainty of what memory and identity are. A sensitive novel about one of the hardest parts of a daughter's life.



The book is available for translations from German.