Doublage / Shortfilm (2007)


Invitation to tinker with ideas and possibilities - a film like a poem.



Essayfilm / MiniDV /  5.30min / 2007

A film by Iris Blauensteiner / Cast: Kathrin Wojtowicz / Voice: Gloria Dürnberger

A young woman emerges from the images. Her Off-Voice tells bits and pieces about the relation to the old Viennese building, she’s living in. What she says is, that her neighbour is an electrician or that she never goes on the third floor. The shown person stays uncertain. Sie splits into different layers (image, voice, sounds, space). Her identity connects to her surroundings. „Yesterday, she ripped a piece of colour off the wall. She was scratching for a long time.”


* AWARDS: Jury award: art film - film:riss Festival Salzburg 2007 / Award at Wiener Video&Filmtage (film festival for young filmmakers, Vienna) 2007


* FESTIVALS: Gegenwelten - Filmfestival of Austrian Women-Short- and Experimentalfilmmakers, Künstlerhaus-Cinema, Vienna, 2009 / VIS - Vienna Independent Shorts, 2008 / wiener videoundfilmtage, Vienna, 2007 / YOUKI - International Youth Media Festival, Wels, 2007 / film:riss - Studentfilmfestival, Salzburg, 2007
* SCREENINGS: Academic Film Center Belgrade, october 23, 2019 / Screening by "Golden Pixel Cooperative", Kunstverein Jahnstrasse, Braunschweig, December 5, 2015 /FAK film:riss!, Top-Cinema Vienna, April 17, 2008

* EXHIBITION: Solo-Exhibition „Sonjin septembar 2019: Iris Blauenštajner“, Umetnička galerija Nadežda Petrović, Čačak (Serbia), september 3 - october 31, 2019 / Solo-Exhibition "The yellow room", Gallery Fünfzigzwanzig, Salzburg, novemver 11-22, 2008

* TV: „Oktoskop“ OktoTV, October 19 and 26, 2014