The World is blue at its edges / Shortfilm (2021)


Coming in may 2021



Experimental essayfilm / MiniDV/Super 8/HDV / 14.30min / 2021


Script, Realisation & Production: Iris Blauensteiner and Christine Moderbacher / Voice: Judith Mauthe / Editorial Advice: Julene Knox, Irmgard Fuchs / Sounddesign: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer / Technical Consultant: Sebastian Schreiner / Color grading: Lee Niederkofler vienna FX / Supported by Arts and Culture Council Lower Austria, Otto Mauer Fonds,  Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Viertelfestival - Annual Art Festival Lower Austria 


"What could I tell you about the world I live in?" Addressing her unborn child, the narrator tries to find answers partly through claustrophobic pictures interwoven with intimate notes on a pregnancy in times of a pandemic. Based on a childhood memory, the experimental short film spans from the Cold War Iron Curtain, to the so-called “refugee crisis” and the renewed closing of borders during COVID-19. Textures of walls closing in, blur with pixelated maps, creating a subjective portrait of a new reality and its digital image-world.


Distribution: sixpackfilm